Agricultural Warfare Part II

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Agricola Apocalypse:

Agricultural Warfare Part II

By Stephen Guptill

 The Core Of It:

guptilphotoThe following article is not intended to scare the reader, nor is it hyperbole or wild imaginative speculation. Many years now, people have been telling me of various conspiracy theories, and many are easily debunked; however along the way, many of the seemingly unconnected events occurring around us became utterly entwined, along with the realization that many of the conspiracy theories held are actually disinformation, injected into the internet to cause confusion on every topic.

Below this article you will find substantial amounts of information and an in depth list of source material, and while gathering up the items, a couple articles were found buried in the depths of the internet which independently come to the same conclusion and were included for the reader.

People of science started messaging me and directing my attention to articles published by scientific elements which are being utterly suppressed; many blanks of information, which are crippling many of the ‘wild conspiracy theories’ to critical analysis, are filled in with these articles.

Since writing Agricultural Warfare, an extended library of information has flooded my screen and life. Crops, wild trees and myself have been infected with strange fungus, white mildews, and aluminum toxicity.

In the sky, jets criss cross forming grid patterns and large bars of cloud which pancake out forming artificial Columbus clouds. With these techniques of geoengineering they have pulled storms from over Halifax to over Wolfville’s fields in an hour. The trail they leave pulling a storm cloud along, one can witness the strength of the storm ebb as a result of the shift in direction, and as it is stretched out into an artificial shape.

They have pulled a storm from the west and a storm from the east, and caused them to collide over Wolfville’s fields.

I have watched this with my own eyes, diligently paying attention for a couple years in Halifax, then a year and a half in Wolfville; to cloud behaviour, weather before, during and after the spraying, and time patterns of spray. I have watched the skies intently since I was a child looking for U.F.Os, so have some template of weather behaviour to draw from in understanding what is normal/abnormal.

They spray on hot days, the P.R. campaign is that the sprays (Aluminum bromide, silver, and then some.) reflect the rays of the Sun, lowering the temperature on Earth. They use the same equipment used in modern forest fire water bombers; a pressurized nozzle output, oddly enough when the wild fires out West are raging and the skies fill with water bombers the grid spraying over our skies peters out.

After two days or so of this, grid spraying there will be a day where everyone feels ‘heavy’, animals are lazy, bugs even do not leap out of the way as they normally will to avoid being crushed underfoot.

Solar panel enthusiasts have reported up to 80% loss of uptake on these days, compared to a ‘normal over cast day’.

It might rain on this day, if not it will look like it wants to, but the air will not feel or smell like it is going to, because the natural conditions are simply not there.

Through this geoengineering technique, they can draw water to crops, ensuring proper watering levels and sunny periods.

Likewise; by insuring a crop against failure, investors can flood/cause a drought and force a crop to fail, cashing in on the insurance. Speculative trading on food crops is an entire article in and of itself, being responsible for the last decade of food riots, massive increase in prices and so on.

The Fungus And Mass Extinction:

The sprays used in the sky leave heavy metals in the soil, aluminum in particular being an enemy of almost all biological life, directly destroying genetic material. Plant life is the first sign, the root systems when detecting aluminum in the soil, will shut off all nutritional uptake to protect the plant’s genetic code from damage. Trees weaken from the center of the trunk out as fungus infiltrates it’s innards, then break off easily in wind storms. Smaller grassy plant literally melts from the top down, turning into a blackish pool like effect. Aluminum also strips the soil of bacteria, destroying the balance which keeps fungus in check, leading to massive fungal infections, turning Pine needles a hazy white, which can be rubbed off; Similarly, Monsanto’s Round Up causes the same breech in the immune systems of plant life, also leading to fungus infection, which is then followed by a beetle which thrives in a symbiotic relationship with the fungus feeding off Lodgepole Pines.

I have seen this in trees around Wolfville, directly outside the law office next to the hardware store is a stand of trees that displays this mildew; and plant life surrounding bogs which GMO corn fields drain into which can be found on the TransCanada Trail running from downtown Wolfville to the farm fields (Full of GMO Soy and Corn.) to the West.

These plants display a white mildew on their leaf fronts, the same mildew found on crops around Wolfville, crops which are not genetically modified, remember that farmers them self know that the ‘gasses (RoundUp et al.) drift for miles’.

“Goss’ wilt and sudden death syndrome” is the name of this epidemic when naturally occurring.

I have seen the carcasses of birds, exploded from within after farmers spray their fields; and on one occasion a dead mouse, who’s body was turned inside out with fungus filiments trailing outwards in all directions.

The three of them formed a triangle around a massive set of GMO crops; all sprayed with BT which explodes insects from the inside out; and uptakes to the next animal to eat them, the bird who exploded most dramatically being directly in the center of a soy feild. The other two on the Dykelands trail, and next to the rail way trail to the West of town. The bodies stay around and slowly dry up, as scavangers will not touch them.guptil3

An article from 1995 points out:

“” in 1976 Ralph Byther and Roy Davidson, plant pathologists with the Western Washington Research and Extension Center in Puyallup, Washington, received a diseased Pacific dogwood branch (similar to the Eastern flowering dogwood) from a correspondent living near Vancouver, Washington, across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon. Anthracnose is the ordinary term plant pathologists use to describe a set of disease symptoms in a wide variety of trees — oaks, sycamores, even citrus — that are attacked by fungus. But the coal-dark blotches on the dogwood leaves Byther and Davidson were investigating was not caused by any ordinary fungus. This fungus, belonging to the genus Discula, was a species that could not be identified because it had never been seen before.””

According to Wikipedia: “The first GMOs were bacteria in 1973″.

The time line for fungus infections around the world’s wilderness escalates as GMO science proceeds forward from this point.

Long term, we will see the death of all ecosystems, natural habitat, wildlife, and plant life, there will simply be no wilderness. Up to 90% of populations currently falling to the fungus die, leaving the remaining 10% to survive for the entire species.

Much evidence shows Bill Gates and Monsanto are heavily invested in these geoengineering techniques.

Monsanto owns patents on aluminum and fungus resistant crops; along with making attempts at fungus resistant GMO bees.

Currently there is a farmer who commits suicide every thirty minutes in India, because of debt accrued with Monsanto.

How It Effects You, Here, Now:

Here in the Annapolis and Kings County Valley farm belt we sit on a figurative, yet very real; unstable nuclear bomb; it ticks away, it’s time of detonation maybe calculated, with enough data, otherwise it might as well be considered a randomly occurring detonation.

This Doomsday Device is known properly as Genetically Modified Organisms.

All around us, deadly Round Up Ready Crops are growing, for uncountable kilometers, nothing on The Internet indicates how much farm land is being used in Nova Scotia for GMOs.

Monsanto is busy donating seeds to ‘poverty stricken farmers’, without anyone realizing that their seeds are more expensive to buy, must be bought the next year, must be propagated with Monsanto chemicals, and will kill all life around the field eventually. Instead of using natural plants, bugs, birds and animals to do all this work for free.

The plants uptake the Glysophates in the RoundUp by design, which means you eat it at the dinner table; however it often leeches back into the soil, and washes into the water table.

One study notes:

““In general, commercial formulations (e.g. Ron-do® and Roundup®) were more toxic than glyphosate alone. For example, Tsui & Chu (2003) observed a 7 folds higher toxicity of Roundup® than the IPA salt of glyphosate in the green algae Selenastrum capricornutum (Table 1).”

We are awash in this substance.

The tap water tastes terrible because of it, as spring moves in, the smell of the air changes no longer to cow pooh, but chemical gas, the water becomes even stranger tasting, and the direct effects of this substance is lesions on the skin of humans and genetic unraveling. guptil2After being sprayed from around 50 feet away last spring near a local field by accident, I have had skin lesions, and have to continuously clean them out when they form. Each appears as an ingrown hair, but the hair is not as a normal ingrown hair is, there is a knot of hard tissue like substance over it, which is made up of white threads, after these are removed the hair can eventually be released if properly cared for. “Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Fusarium oxysporum” or just “Fusarium” seems to be the most likely culprit for the lesions, as many other other have been infected with this fungus after exposure to Round Up and reported/photographed the same wounds

Two reports state that:

“A 54 year old man in Brazil was diagnosed with Parkinsonism following accidental spraying; he developed skin lesions six hours after being exposed to spraying, and a month later he developed Parkinson’s disease symptoms [53]. The other case involved a woman in Serbia who ingested 500 milliliters of glyphosate solution and developed Parkinsonism along with lesions of the brain’s white matter and pons (part of brain stem), and altered mental status.”

That is not the only fungus to attack humans in relation to Monsanto’s sprays either; also roaming larger every day are: Basidiobolus Ranarum and Cryptococcus Gattii.

Basidiobolus Ranarum is:

“A rare fungal infection that can create a cancer like mass in the gastrointestinal tract has emerged in Arizona and other desert regions, Mayo Clinic researchers say.”

While Cryptococcus Gattii is:

“… an airborne fungus usually found in the tropics. But researchers announced today that new, deadly strains are thriving in Oregon, and spreading. These strains kill 25% of people who come into contact with them.”

Not to mention the hazardous gene found in GMOs for the last twenty years which:

“…it was discovered to have a recombination (fragmentation) hotspot that would enhance unintended horizontal gene transfer and recombination, and in the process create new viruses or activate old ones, and trigger cancer in animal cells by well-known processes of ‘insertion carcinogenesis’. The CaMV 35S promoter was known to be highly promiscuous in being able to function in most if not all species across the living world (including human cells, as it turned out). To make matters worse, many synthetic versions of the promoter have been constructed with additional enhancers for gene expression and sequences from other sources, all of which increase its instability (tendency to fragment) as well as its ability to drive inappropriate gene expression.”

Specifically, we need to really think about and understand the follow excerpts:

~“Monsanto and the European Commission (EC) have known about birth defects since the 1980s. Industry studies found statistically significant skeletal and/or visceral abnormalities as well as reduced viability and increase in spontaneous abortions in rats and rabbits exposed to high doses of glyphosate. Lower doses were later shown to cause dilated hearts. The EC dismissed all the findings.”

~“GM soybean-fed female rats gave birth to excessive numbers of severely stunted pups, with over half of the litter dead by three weeks, and the surviving pups were sterile.”

~ “Neurotoxicity effects include Parkinsonism have emerged following acute exposure. Exposure to glyphosate resulted in oxidative stress in lab animals and death of neuronal cells, correlating with Parkinsonian pathology. Acute exposure in fish resulted in acetylcholine esterase (AChE) inhibition. An epidemiological study linked glyphosate -exposure to Attention-Deficit-Hyperactive disorder in children, a disorder associated with AChE inhibition. The original neurotoxicity studies carried out by industry were ruled invalid by the US Environment Protection Agency and urgently need re-examining by independent scientists.”

This is being cushioned with a new Public Relations Campaign against the “perceived threats of un-natural/un-healthy food”, the focus is on a “psychological disorder” now know as: Orthorexia Nervosa.

It has been defined as a fear of any GMO products, refined sugars, highly processed foods, and unexplainable ingredients, with an ‘obsession’ for reading the labels of food to find out what is inside the package.

Understand that:

Healthy eating is now considering a “psychological disorder”.

Who Is Monsanto?

That is a question which is harder to answer than not.

Monsanto is no longer Monsanto, they recently were packaged up in a deal and now go by the name: Pharmacia; who is owned by none other than: Pfizer. That is an entirely other bag of worms, which I have not dug into for this article for fear of never finishing the piece in a timely manner; but at a brief glance I see much the same behaviour as found from Monsanto/Pharmacia of Government infiltration and subversion.

Wikipedia states: “Pharmacia is the modern transliteration of the Greek word Pharmakeia which means pharmacy the making and dispensing of poisons, pharmaceuticals or medicines as well as cosmetics, lotions, perfumes etc.”

To skip over what is already public knowledge about their role in chemical production, including Agent Orange, a precursor to RoundUp, and agriculture, we find a mess of business men, politicians, and even members of the so called: Environmental Protection Agency.

Instead of a massive slurry of information, here are some distilled bits to start the adventure.

Below in the sources section you can find links for the following individuals, so that you may witness their full resume, and in the secondary links, witness a mapping of their business and political connections:

Hugh Grant:

~ Monsanto President and CEO (2003-)

~ Monsanto EVP and COO (2000-03)

~ Monsanto Co-President, Agricultural Sector (1998-2000)

~ Member of the Board of Monsanto (as Chairman, 2003-)

He was a member of the board with PPG, along with James G. Berges who is the Commission Chairman of the St. Louis Science Center, Huge Grant serves on the St. Louis Science Center Board of Commissioners.

Robert B. Shapiro:

~ Monsanto CEO (1995-2000)

~ Monsanto President & COO (1993-95)

~ Monsanto EVP & President, Agricultural Group (1990-93)

~ Monsanto Chairman & CEO, Nutrasweet (1985-90)

He worked extensively with Searle Pharmaceuticals, who former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeild was also the President & CEO of during 1977-85.

Frank V. AtLee III:

~ Member of the Board of Monsanto (2000-, as Chairman 2000-03)

~ Monsanto Interim President & CEO (2002-03)

Worked extensively with American Cyanamid, which has done incredible amounts of cancer research, even going so far as to develop: Methotrexate which is “used broadly in cancer treatment and treatment of autoimmune diseases, and many other conditions.”.

Terrell K. Crews:

~ Monsanto EVP and CFO (2000-)

He was involved in “Todd Akin for Senate” to elect Todd Akin in 2012, and worked for Junior Achievement in the Mississippi Valley.

Mickey Kantor:

~ Member of the Board of Monsanto

~ Member of the Board of Korea First Bank

~ Hillary Rodham Clinton for US Senate Committee

~ Biden for President

~ Friends of Hillary

Stansfield Turner:

~ CIA Director 1977-81

~ Member of the Board of Monsanto

~ Council on Foreign Relations

~ Gore 2000

~ International Spy Museum

~ John Kerry for President

William Ruckelshaus:

~ Member of the Board of Monsanto

~ Obama For America (He will bring change, alright.)

~ National Council for Science and the Environment Board of Directors

~ US EPA Administrator (1983-85, second term, invited by James Baker)

~ US Deputy Attorney General (1973)

~ US EPA Administrator (1970-73)

~ US Justice Department Assistant Attorney General (1969-70)

~ Indiana State House of Representatives (1967-69)

The Meat And Potatoes:

What is the real reason behind the spraying in the sky? The United States Government found geoengineering to be too unpredictable for dispersal of large hurricanes, with it often making the storm worse and more unstable in studies done from the 1950s onward. They were however, blindly dumping chemicals into massive storms.

China utilized the technology to keep rain clouds at bay during the 2008 Olympic Games; their programs include artillery shells and handheld rocket launchers firing exploding rounds into the sky which disperse the same payload that Monsanto is using in their grid spraying operations.

Environment Canada’s article on aluminum salts specifically states in reference to the use of aluminum:

“This process has been used for many years to treat phosphorus in wastewaters, as well as to reduce phosphorus levels in runoff from land fertilized with poultry litter and restore phosphorus-enriched eutrophic lakes (Lewandowski et al. 2003).”

Nitrogen/phosphate induced blooms are currently causing a flesh eating fungus to spread through dolphin populations within the Indian River Lagoon, in Florida, along with other nasty effects on the other wildlife found there; including cancerous growths all over turtles.

Monsanto’s heavy investment in geoengineering becomes clear now, their crops cause phosphate blooms, and to keep this all in check, they are criss crossing the sky with aluminum dust. If they were not doing this, the damage caused by their crops would be too evident to deny, to blatant to avoid eye contact with.

We sit now on the brink of oblivion itself;

her mighty jaws salivating and wide open waiting for us.

Through Colony Collapse we see the bee is going insane, the fungus causing them to become irate and restlessly leave en mass from the hive; failing to assist in the pollination of vital plant life.

Before the bees, we saw bananas, previously the chosen crop of banana immune to the fungus invasion, crippled, and almost pushed to extinction in recent years by fungus, yet again caused directly by the application of Round Up.

Now we see amphibians dying off in droves, tadpoles with white tales, acting drunk, infected with a fungus, a sign the extinction is in your area.

On top of the bees we find that:
“The number of monarch butterflies that completed an annual migration to their winter home in a Mexican forest sank this year to its lowest level in at least two decades, due mostly to extreme weather and changed farming practices in North America, the Mexican government and a conservation alliance reported on Wednesday.”

Not only are crops being sprayed with RoundUp and other pesticides, but Agriculture Canada admits to spraying the entire FOREST with these chemicals, ‘to keep pests in check’, instead of leaving nature to balance herself.

I saw myself the newest victim’s to make headlines in “mysterious mass die offs”, again caused by a fungus.

A small brown bat lay wounded, bringing him home he soon woke up and became very friendly, interacting with my girlfriend and I like a small puppy or kitten, very intelligent animal too, again like a cat or dog, not the fearsome creature portrayed in Hollywood films.

After calling around to find him help, as he had a busted leg, we were informed to look carefully at him, low and behold, we found white splotches.

Turns out up to 7+ million bats have died in the East North United States alone in recent years from White Nose Syndrome, and our little friend had it.

He passed away within the night and was submitted to Natural Resources who are investigating the spread through Nova Scotia.

“The Forest Service estimates that the die-off from white-nose syndrome means that at least 2.4 million pounds of bugs (1.1 million kg) will go uneaten”

Monsanto spray ends up causing even more bugs (Tougher bugs, too.) in the long run.

It was the time with the bat, and reading about White Nose Syndrome that all the pieces clicked together in my mind, fungus everywhere, killing everything, aluminum in the sky, phosphate blooms in the water… My YouTube channel is filled with videos exploring each of these topics in depth as I found my way through the fog; explicit language warning is in effect on those videos as I experience monumental amounts of frustration trying to understand what was happening around me.


This situation is overwhelming in scope and reality.

It effects us all, and as individuals we may appear powerless against such monumentus forces.

However, choosing to side with Nature allies you with the most powerful force on Earth.

The word “Wilderness” has been thought to originally mean: “Self Willed Place”; referencing the forests ability to grow in lush abundance.

By consciously choosing to phase soy, refined corn products like corn syrup, and corn starch, along with enriched wheat, and palm oil, out of our diets, and eventually over time, learn to grow our own food at home, using non-GMO heirloom seeds.

Learn to practice the art of seed saving, investing in seeds is a better investment of money than gold in my opinion.

Study the techniques of Aquaponics and Wicking Systems, simple closed loop technologies which enable robust plant growth, and less work for the end user.

Will Allen produces 1 million pounds of food a year off three acres of land using Aquaponics and Wicking Systems.

They can be stacked so that 1 acre can become four, five, or however many layers one adds; the whole system is gravity fed, so with ingenuity only one fish pump is required for an entire farm.

All the excess fish pooh from the pumps goes into the Wicking Systems, constantly improving the soil inside the buckets.

GO FISHING (Or hunting.)! A great way to spend time in nature and capture your own dinner! Nothing gets you closer to your food than killing it yourself. I feel more grateful, and truly appreciate my supper and the animal’s loss of life when done this way.

Educating others is of the utmost importance right now, many people out right refuse to look at their diet closely and understand what is happening inside them, even with signs all around them of the impending global event. Even on issues such as Nestle using Child Slaves in Africa to harvest chocolate, along with Animal Testing in labs for their food lines, which Mars also commits acts of, the average mindless consumer (Zombie.) will laugh nervously and still purchase their animal’s food from these monsters.

Every active mind counts!


“Vote with your dollar”, refuse to purchase any products made by Pfizer, write them and let them know this, their existence as a corporation depends on the consumer.

Hassle your local MP, let them this is not acceptable; we pay them $144,000+ a year to: “represent us, not for them to represent Ottawa to us.” in Justin Trudeau’s words.

Find ways to communicate with local farmers, let them know how bad this is getting and that they are key to avoiding the coming catastrophe.

To summarize:

Focus on simple solutions utilizing basic, currently available technologies which require no special skill or training to build and assemble in the average home.

Learn to Learn, the more you can Learn to Learn the more you can Learn on your own through any activity, a human is a full spectrum animal, capable of a wide degree of activities and creative expressions; as such focusing on a single specialized talent is not desirable, but inevitable through the process of enjoyment/requirement of the activity/knowledge base involved.

To specialize is still okay, as again, it will happen naturally and in groups works out well to bring balance to a project, but to focus exclusively on a specialized talent will blind to the growth of other natural talents.

This means we are all engineers, designers, gardeners, artists, musicians, and so on, and to intertwine these multiple disciplines enables a support system for one to prop up the other, our society tends to separate these skill sets into different language systems/syntax, to mix them together will benefit our society as much as it did Ancient Egypt.

I have established a data base of information on Aquaponics, Wicking Systems, various kinds of light bulbs and their effects, and more at Operation: Eden; which is a project that took around three or four years of very random research, life living and events to give birth to, and form into what it has become.


 Lecture On Environmental Effects Caused By Geoengineering:

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Article from 1995; time line of fungus matches emergence of GMO sciences.

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Brain washing the population to fear being seen as psychologically ill for eating healthy.

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Documentaries On The Subject:
What In The World Are They Spraying?:

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Aquaponics And Light Bulb Information:

6,000 Lbs Of Food On 1/10th Acre:

1 MILLION Pounds Of Food On 3 Acres. (10,000 fish produce 500 yards of compost.)


Not So Free Light Bulbs – Farmer Laboratory (Truth about CFL bulbs.)

Randomly Found Articles Which Agree:



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  1. More links which further back up this article; the first a detailed look at Glyphosates; oddly enough as a child I had a iron deficiency that manifested randomly around 1996; the same year as Monsanto’s GMO potatoes first hit the consumer market; not to mention further evidence that the massive fungal outbreaks are directly tied to Monsanto.

    Everything from Black Knot Fungus to forms of White Rot eating trees from the inside out.

    Monsanto’s Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases and Endangers Human and Animal Health:

    Glyphosate in Monsanto’s Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested:

  2. “Nice roomy cages, fattening food, careful breeding, no worry. After a week or so chasing about the fields and lands on empty stomachs, they’ll come and be caught cheerful. They’ll be quite glad after a bit. They’ll wonder what people did before there were Martians to take care of them. And the bar loafers, and mashers, and singers–I can imagine them. I can imagine them,” he said, with a sort of sombre gratification. “There’ll be any amount of sentiment and religion loose among them. There’s hundreds of things I saw with my eyes that I’ve only begun to see clearly these last few days. There’s lots will take things as they are–fat and stupid; and lots will be worried by a sort of feeling that it’s all wrong, and that they ought to be doing something. Now whenever things are so that a lot of people feel they ought to be doing something, the weak, and those who go weak with a lot of complicated thinking, always make for a sort of do-nothing religion, very pious and superior, and submit to persecution and the will of the Lord. Very likely you’ve seen the same thing. It’s energy in a gale of funk, and turned clean inside out. These cages will be full of psalms and hymns and piety. And those of a less simple sort will work in a bit of–what is it?–eroticism.”

    He paused.

    “Very likely these Martians will make pets of some of them; train them to do tricks–who knows?–get sentimental over the pet boy who grew up and had to be killed. And some, maybe, they will train to hunt us.”

    “No,” I cried, “that’s impossible! No human being—-”

    “What’s the good of going on with such lies?” said the artilleryman. “There’s men who’d do it cheerful. What nonsense to pretend there isn’t!”

    And I succumbed to his conviction.“
    ~ War of the World, H.G. Wells. (Published: 1897)

  3. “Shooting for the clouds:
    When hailstorms threaten central Alberta, aircraft scramble into the skies armed with chemical flares, to strip the icy danger from the clouds”

  4. Thought this might be a good addition to your site. The more information people have the better.
    50 reasons why GM foods are harmful

    • Thanks Rose, after writing this I was thinking about making a new site dedicated specifically towards this exact information, in an attempt to document all the various effects in photographic form, like an Encyclopedia Monsanto or something…

      Also; here is a link detailing the origins of weather control in the realms of science, dating to 1887!

  5. Aluminum Particles in Chemtrails Destroy Organic Crops Force Farmers To Force Them To Buy Aluminum Resistant GMO seeds:

  6. Specific key update in information; allegedly the flights are done by Evergreen, a CIA Civilian aircraft cover company of which:
    “Evergreen’s public relations (propaganda) spokesman is handled by WPP run by Council on Foreign Relations member Philip Lader. Lader is also a member of the RAND corp. and is a director of UC Rusal, the largest Aluminum producer in the world located in Moscow, Sweden, Italy, and Australia. Nathaniel Rothschild is a big investor.”

  7. Massive history of modern weather manipulation:

  8. Brilyn Estates has put together a massive database on weather manipulation over Nova Scotia well worth looking into:

    They also run an alternative energy information page for thinking outside the box:

  9. Seeds of Death documentary; found many of the same information found in this article.

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