Does Emerging Bath Salts Drug Bring New Life To Legalizing Marijuana Debate?

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Published on May 31, 2012 with 6 Comments

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New Bath Salts Drug Brings Up Old Debate On Legalizing Marijuana

Back for another round is the ageless debate on whether or not marijuana should be legalized. A new, incredibly scary, drug called “bath salts” has emerged as a story all over North America in recent months as a drug which is incredibly dangerous, causes serious paranoia, aggression, and can cause serious medical issues for those who take this drug, which as it stands is 100% legal in Canada.

Bath Salts Now A Problem Within Nova Scotia

bath salts legalizing marijuanaThe bath salt problem which started out south of the border has reared its ugly little head in Nova Scotia with several people being sent to hospital each week with problems they are experiencing due to taking these bath salts. This relatively new drug, combines the powers of amphetamines and cocaine to bring incredibly unpredictable and often scary results to its abusers. An even bigger problem which is popping up is that many of the people that are showing up to hospitals with these problems, did not know that they were taking bath salts.

Bath Salts Being Laced With Other Drugs Such As Marijuana

While it isn’t a new practice for drug dealers to lace their products with other drugs to give a “higher high” to their customers, this is bringing the practice to an entirely different level. For people who are out to partake in recreational marijuana use, even the slightest bit of these bath salts, which have been said to be 10 times as powerful as cocaine, can produce devastating and terrifying results. Would it not be better for people who are marijuana users to be able to buy their product with the peace of mind knowing that they are buying their drug from a legalized, regulated retailer, similar to how liquor is sold? Wouldn’t this be an incredibly easy way for governments to make up a whole lot of money in taxes. Maybe the negative stigma would start to go away when you saw someone lighting up a joint, if you knew that a good size chunk of what they spent on the joint was going to pay for better roadways, schools, or other noble causes instead of to some drug dealers luxury car collection.

Maybe it is simply that there is too much corruption and reasons for it not to be legalized. When BCs second biggest export, after lumber, is an illegal product, there have got to be some people up there in power who may be turning a blind eye.

People who smoke weed will smoke weed. Illegally or not.

Would love to get some opinions on this.



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  1. I totally agree! I’m worked about my cocaine being cut with bath salts too. marijuana and cocain should both be legalized because we have the the right to clean/safe drugs.

    • Ok marijuana is one thing but cocaine is a completely different thing because cocaine seriously messes up your head and is bad for your health

      • Cocaine is like very strong coffee…


  2. Agreed. I have never personally enjoyed marijuana, but when you hear stories about a legal substance causing so many problems, it really put into perspective how safe pot really is. It is safer than alcohol, and no death has been caused by it. Why not take marijuana sales out of the hands of drug dealers, and put it into the hands of retailers. Nearly every person tries some sort of substance at some point in their life, and as a mother I would certainly prefer my children dabble in a little pot smoking before trying something like bath salts, or even alcohol for that matter!

    • bath salts make you turn into zombie

  3. The more drugs you ban, the more weird stuff people are going to try getting high off of.

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