Agricultural Warfare in Kings County Fields

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Agricultural Warfare

by Stephen Guptill

The astoundment of the situation that has arisen in Kings County is truly magnificent in it’s scope.

A private, concerned citizens group banded together and with the mighty will of a legion of dedicated, trained soldiers set about to rid the region of terrible giants.

Like some army of Don Quixote; they set about and dismantled all plans for Wind Turbines to be employed around the area; and a portion of our electrical output to be cleaned up.

The main concern was the noise generated by the turbines, and the ill effects on surrounding Wildlife and people.

Having directly communicated with people who live around already established turbines, it is clear that they do not produce such a terrible sound; investigating around YouTube there are two types of videos found:

1) Person running around a Wind Turbine; and the ambient noise level being relatively quiet, a small hum in the back ground from the blades, but birds can be still heard singing as if any other day; the noise is less then that generated by a busy street of automobiles.

2) Person running around a Wind Turbine; and the ambient noise level being something akin to standing next to a jet engine; noticeably, the deafening ambient sound made by the turbines does not move with the video footage correctly, in that it stays constant, which anyone who has spent time analyzing, and editing video can tell you, does not happen; as you move the source of sound around; so to does the sound of the sound move around.

These videos are obviously tampered with by ill intentioned sources.

These citizens groups funded and organized by ill intentioned individuals.

The madness of this situation however, does not end there.

Take a walk down any road; Nova Scotia, Kings County in particular it seems, has a high rate of Genetically Modified Organisms growing in the farm fields; and even in small plots of BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) poisoned GMO “crops” between houses, next to children’s play areas.

Corn, soy, wheat; all GMO, most manufactured by Monsanto.

To even grow these GMO “crops” REQUIRES massive amounts of pesticides to be dumped on the fields; the GMO “crops” are designed from the ground up to be specifically resistant to specific brand name poisons.

This process saturates the land (Along with The Town of Wolfville’s, for example, well water supply aquifer.), surrounding wildlife, Wilderness, and people with gasses designed to rupture and explode insect’s stomachs (BT based poisons.), to destroy cellular structures of organisms from within (Monsanto’s RoundUp.); and more, protected by patents from public discussion of their effects on human health.

These gasses and chemical fertilizers all have their root in weaponry developed during the World Wars to kill human beings.

Meanwhile Wolfville has a bi-law restricting all residents within the town limits from using cosmetic chemical sprays on their lawns; because of human health concerns regarding the poisons.

Then the town is surrounded by vast, seemingly uncountable kilometers of agricultural lands; directly around Wolfville, within steps of residential homes; growing GMO “crops”, and spraying them with cellular disintegration gasses.

Directly around the fields on a path used by town’s folk daily, one can find plants, at the edge of the water run off area of those fields, seemingly burnt black, from the soil up to the flower; and other plants, appear to be melting; no where else around will you find these black dead plants.

What kind of range do these gasses have?

A quick Google search of Wolfville Water issues will bring up this quote, from a local farmer:

“Yes our farm is in the wellhead protection zone and I to would expect the town to be a little concerned about the hazardous chemicals that are applied to the land and the water supply which in fact our homes have been on for years as well.Having farms next to a town is not a good thing,chemicals from orchard sprayers can drift for miles.”

~Sharlene Elderkin | March 25, 2011 at 8:14 pm |

It is strange that the farmer thinks the Town of Wolfville should be concerned about her poisoning the water supply.

SHE should be concerned about HER poisoning the Town’s water supply.

The “valiant and concerned” citizens group who spear headed the campaign against the Wind Turbines could use the exact same check list of concerns in this case and truly need to take action regarding these practices.

Especially where the practices are occurring EN MASSE RIGHT ACROSS CANADA.

Doing enough digging and one finds rapidly that Canada is fast becoming a strange Ground Zero of GMO based farming.

Monsanto is donating seeds to poor farmers, while taking farms from families, one by one across America, which you can sure expect them to do across Canada once they get their full foot hold into.

A small example of the environmental impact, observed personally; is that of ticks.

Spray the fields, poison the birds, rodents and insects that live in, around, and under that field.

Poisoned bugs will poison birds and the poisoned mice will poison local cats and larger wildlife.

One tick after drinking it’s fill of blood, will lay upwards of 2000 babies.

One bird can eat 10-20 ticks per hour, it is said.

Ticks do not live in crops, but at the end of branches from thorny bushes and trees, waiting for a passing warm blooded animal. Typically along walking paths, be they deer or human.

As bird populations drop, tick populations rise; and as we are now seeing in North America; Lyme Disease spreads to new areas, previously untainted.

Another full blown mystery is the case of the thread filled sores in the flesh based Morgellon’s disease. No one knows what causes this disease, or if it is even real. One thing that is for certain is a high percentage of people and families claiming to be afflicted with the disease live around GMO “crops”.

 Recently a local clinic doctor stated mysterious thread filled holes in my own arms, were cause by a skin infection, which he has seen many people with, pressed further, he stated most of his practice was in rural areas; and the affliction was definitely not caused by pesticide spray.

The sores on my arm and neck, and the symptoms reported by the Morgellon crowd, are all consistent with Agribacteria, a kind of organism which infects a host plant (It can also infect meat based life forms.) and transfers it’s genetic data into the cellular structure of the host plant, altering the host’s own flesh into the Agribacteria’s thread like bodily structure; and of this Agribacteria; the variety Agrobacterium Tumefaciens, is used extensively in the manipulation of genetic data in GMO “crops”.

The Centre for Disease Control was studying the event unfolding, then asked for assistance from the US Armed Forces; after a short while they publicly announced there was no such a thing as Morgellon’s disease and everyone of the people claiming to be afflicted with it are suffering from “delusional parasitosis”; or “Just thinking bugs live under their skin”.

Coincidentally, Monsanto and the United States federal government have swapped many of their top employees, for politicians, and vice versa.

For example; Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State; has worked for years before this at Monsanto.

Filling roles in the American Government from Congressmen, Senators, top ranking officials in the FDA, White House Senior Staff, the EPA, USDA, NIFA, the Agriculture Negotiator Trade Representative, a President’s Chief Domestic Policy Adviser, the White House Appointed Consumer Advocate, to the the Deputy Admin for the EPA, all former Monsanto employees; all being placed to slowly restructure the world around you.

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  1. “Astoundment”? “bi law” This article needs an editor.,

    • The “bi law” thing was dumb yeah; combination of my own misspelling and spell check not picking up on it.

    • Ok, so there were some spelling mistakes….what did you think about the content? Something to think about for sure.

  2. Really that is what you took from that? Anyways for your information,

    As·tound’ment noun Amazement. Coleridge.
    Found on

    • (n.) Amazement.
    Found on

    • Good for you champ. You’re neither scholar nor poet. He wrote an article and you copy/pasted a definition to fill some pride gap missing in your life.

      • lololol
        They are just letting folks know that those words are real.

        You musta missed your morning coffee and smoke…

  3. Since posting this article: “A new study found that rats fed for two years with Monsanto’s GMO corn variety NK603 or dosed with Roundup at levels permitted in drinking water, food and feed, died earlier than rats fed a diet of no GMOs.”–cause-organ-damage-early-death-humans.html?openGraphAuthor=%2Fhome%2Fsearch.html%3Fs%3D%26authornamef%3DSean%2BPoulter

  4. Here we see the results of three generations of hamsters raised on GMO soy…

    From hair growing out of gum lines to the third generation being 100% sterile…

    Soy is a heavily grown crop around the Wolfville fields; cannot say for sure elsewhere, but the dykelands have around the same area of space as the city of Halifax growing GMO crops, most of which were soy last year.

  5. I grew up in the valley but now live in toronto, it makes me look at the valley and all farmland very different now. When I used to drive by fields I would think how pretty they are and how I want to go walk through them. Now it makes me depressed and not want to go anywhere near anything growing in or around fields. Funny how a “drive through the county” has changed to much.

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